First Kiss

You waited for me on the edge of the bed

I knew it was love and not child’s play. 

Kids from the party walked in and out of the bedroom, you protected me -

Everytime the door opened you pulled me in close.

“When are you gonna kiss her!” some boy shouted.

I sheepishly giggled and held your wrist

Then your face

Then I moved in closer and the scent of your orange-cedarwood hair gel,

A scent I would come to know well, filled my heart and god, 

I kissed you.

I kissed you like someone does when they’re in love and

You did the same.

For 1095 days each kiss with you felt like a first -

Until the last.

There is nothing I loath more than lasts.

There is nothing I love more than you.

I didn’t realize how fragile it all was.

I didn’t know that tongues are attached to hearts

And how much I became attached to you.

I didn’t realize that saying goodbye,

Walking the path and exiting the 73rd street entrance of Central Park

Would change everything -

Because since then, I’ve had lots of first kisses

Because since you, I've had lots of lasts.

But nothing haunts me more than realizing

Your lips have become a memory.