Everyday jewelry & clothes with a message.

Find meaning in what you wear.

Jewelry & clothing with meaning.

My favorite jewelry pieces have always been the ones with a story. The snowflake necklace: the first gift my father ever gave my mother, now passed down to me. My heart locket bracelet: gifted to me at five years old from my first best friend. The truth is, we all have our stories. Everything has a story. Which got me thinking…

Threading Stories is more than just a collection of accessories, built of beads, wires, and clasps. Threaded into each design is a poem, a memory, a wish - a sentiment of nostalgia, yearning, or maybe even love.


Each handmade jewelry piece and clothing design is inspired by a poem I wrote. The twenty-five poems you will discover draw from three years worth of writing from my personal journal. Every poem was then hand-drawn then digitally sketched and overlaid on my photography. Your Threading Stories package will include your jewelry pieces, hand-cut poems, and a personalized letter with a special message just for you...

The Faces of Threading Stories

Designed and curated by Emma Rosenkranz

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