My Story

Yes, that’s me. Pink flower headband. Short bob hair. Pre-braces bucked teeth. My mom at my side -- partner in crime, as always. At the age of 10 I created my first jewelry business called Joy to the World. Proceeds made from my sales went to fund neuroendocrine cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Growing up, I always loved being busy. I would build toy helicopters with my father on his office floor, knit hats for my mother, and draw my brother while he studied. I knew innately that creating simply made me happy. 

My father was diagnosed with cancer when I was three years old, and near the end of his life (a few years older than that little girl you see in the picture), art became more than a hobby or a passion, rather it became a necessity of the heart.

Who am I now? A storyteller. A story-lover. That girl who always has her headphones in, because melodies and harmonies and lyrics provide me solace. Only I know where my hidden diaries are in my bedroom -- filled to the brim with reflections, thoughts and yearnings. Only I know the stories behind the pieces in my jewelry box... I live for stories.

We all want to feel connected -- maybe it’s to ourselves or maybe it’s to something greater than that. So, I began by opening up those diaries -- nervous, but excited to share what I had never before. Threading together phrases and memories. Then I bought the strings, the claps, and pliers. Threading together beads with meaning.

Although the first line was launched, my poems and designs all photographed and published, I plan to use this space to continue writing. I will share my full length poems, new jewelry designs, and maybe even the stories of others.

Thank you for supporting me on this venture.

I hope you find meaning when wearing a Threading Stories design.